company overview

Harvic Residential Property Management Ltd is based in Wellington, New Zealand and since 1997 has been providing quality property management for property investors and homeowners.

Harvic is owned and operated by Jude and Colin Morgan. Jude and Colin have a long background in property investment and own a number of residential investment properties. Having observed over the years the standard of property management they decided to start Harvic and offer their service to the market.

Harvic deals solely in the management of residential properties and to ensure this focus Harvic does not get side tracked with selling properties or providing a ‘casual letting’ service.

Harvic offers a personal service to its customers. Colin and Jude have made a deliberate decision to restrict the numbers of properties under management to ensure that this service can be maintained. What this means for clients is that they effectively deal with the owners of the company rather than with employed property managers who can come and go. Jude and Colin work actively on a day to day basis as Property Managers. Therefore the directors of the Company manage your property not just salaried staff as in so many other larger Property Management Companies.

Harvic also attends personally to all aspects of the management of properties. It does not ‘sub contract’ any areas of the process i.e. Harvic finds a tenant for the property it does not engage other companies or individuals to do this.